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Smoke Alarm Installation & Maintenance

Smoke Alarm Installation Geelong - Quality Care Electrical

Smoke Alarm Installation & Maintenance

How Does Smoke Alarm Installation & Maintenance Protect Me?

Smoke alarms DO save lives. There is absolutely no doubt that they are a crucial component of any firefighting measures in the home and other interior spaces. Regardless of whether the interior space is a residential or commercial property, smoke alarm installation is crucial. They are critical to every building’s fire safety plan and are a nightmare for any poor part-time home cook. Unfortunately, one of the worst things you can do is forget to maintain your alarm in the first place.

Most people simply fail to check that it is in working order, complying with current safety standards, and up to date. It can be incredibly confusing to know when and how often any of these things need to be done. Let alone what you need to be looking for and what exactly you need to do. Frighteningly, most people don’t actually know, putting themselves and their loved ones at risk.

There are several requirements and recommendations surrounding smoke alarms in Victoria that vary depending on your circumstances. From this, you can work out how to maintain the devices in your home to best protect you in the event of a fire.

What Are the Smoke Alarm Safety Laws?

All properties from houses to units, have to have smoke alarms on every level that meet Australian standards (AS 3786). While it is recommended to have detectors in all main living and sleeping areas that are interconnected (meaning when one gets activated, they all do), this isn’t a legal requirement. Ideally, you should install your alarms with long-life batteries that last upwards of 10 years but if this isn’t feasible, then it is recommended to use a 9-volt battery that is replaced yearly. It is also noted that you should be aware of changing the battery or replacing the alarm if the battery is low or the device seems faulty (indicated by a single beep on occasion).

There are different laws around smoke alarms depending on the age of your home, and whether you are a homeowner or renting. For these requirements, it is best to check the specific regulations with a reputable source like Fire Rescue Victoria.

Properly Maintaining Your Smoke Alarms

While there aren’t many laws that dictate how to maintain your alarms, there is a standard practice that will ensure they are operating the best they can to protect your family and home.

Once a month

Test Smoke Alarm and Back Up Battery

All smoke alarms run on small batteries that should be tested regularly. To check if your smoke alarm on the fritz, press the test/hush button for 5 seconds until the unit alarms. Then to test the battery turn off your mains power (main switch) at your switchboard and repeat the test procedure. If the battery is working the alarm will still function with the mains power off.

Every 3 months

Vacuum Smoke Alarms

Keeping your smoke alarm free of dust particles or cobwebs will help you reduce false alarms and ensure any smoke can easily reach the internal sensing chamber.

Clean and wipe down around unit

Clean around the smoke alarm unit and remove any insects or other contamination which may have impacted your device. Spray bug repellent on a cloth and wipe the ceiling around the smoke alarm to act as a future bug deterrent. Make sure you test the smoke alarm after cleaning.

Every Year

Replace 9V Backup Batteries

Choose a common date to replace your batteries that you will remember, such as daylight savings or a birthdate.

Every 10 Years

Replace Smoke Alarms

Regardless of manufacturer, all smoke alarms have a limited life of 10 years. Contact a licensed electrician to conduct a smoke alarm installation after 10 years. There are several installation conditions to be considered as well and is best inspected by a trained professional.

Smoke alarm installation is your first line of defence in the event of a fire, so you want to make sure they are working as best they can. You can do this by maintaining your devices, installing them in areas that will be most helpful for alerting you and getting you to safety, and ensuring that they are fully functional. If you want to make sure all your devices are working properly or you need new smoke alarms installed, you can get in contact with a qualified master electrician.

At QCE we prioritize the safety of our customers, being a family-owned business, we understand the risks and need for peace of mind. Get in contact with us today on 0437 346 846 to talk about how our smoke alarm installation service can help keep your home and family safe.