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Increase Your Home Value

Electrical Installation - Quality Care Electrical

Increase Your Home Value

How An Electrical Installation Plan Can Easily Add Value To Your Home

In this blog we outline a few smart and easy changes you can make to your electrical installation plan that will add value to your home.

Your home is going to be one of the biggest assets you will have throughout your entire life. Whether it becomes an investment for you or is intended to be the family home for many years to come, the outgoing expenses rarely stop at the initial purchase. Australians are always looking to add value to their home, financially as well as functionally. In 2021 alone, Australians spent around $40 billion on home renovations. While this was in part due to lockdowns preventing Aussies from going out and spending cash, spending so much time in the home has given us a greater appreciation for our environment.

Many people shy away from renovating their homes because they worry about the cost. Given that most renovation budgets are usually 1.5x to 2x the original estimate, it’s understandable why people may think that. However, that does not need to be the case. While some renovation projects can cost a fortune and drain you of mental and physical energy, without much reward (financially or otherwise). Many electrical renovations can be surprisingly cost-effective and incredibly rewarding to the overall value of your home. It only takes a few small changes to your property’s electrical works, to change the entire feel, look, and functionality of your home.

Ambience Changes

From standard batten lights to replacing with down-lights, changing or installing wall lights or pendant fittings, to on-trend modern lights. People are hesitant to make these changes as they feel these will cost them a fortune. These small changes will cost you very little compared to the value that you will add to your home. You can increase your energy efficiency and save on your electricity bill, all while increasing your resale value.

Another common theme we see in new homes is single lights in the middle of the room, this can be restricting with upgrade options as relocating the existing fitting would mean a plaster patch/paint in the old position. So, what’s the answer? In this instance, QCE has found through years of experience that a ceiling fan with a light is a great replacement option is this case. It kills two birds with one stone in that you retain your lighting option, often improve it, and gain a cooling option for the bedroom.

And it’s not just the looks of a room. There is also plenty of new technology coming out that is aimed at cutting down your energy usage and bills through other climate control options. An example of this is heat reclaim ventilation that can be used in conjunction with existing climate control appliances to dramatically reduce your power bills and bring more fresh air into your home. You just need to have a look around at what is available and what you need, to see how you can add more value to your home.

Through our experience working with real estate agents, buyers prefer a home with a point of difference, and you can provide this through changes to the electrical environment of your home.

Power and USB Outlets

How many power boards have you had to buy over the years? Do you always wish you just had another power point or one that was better placed? We ALL have. It’s not until you live in a space that you start understanding what you need on a day-to-day basis. Usually, we find that we need more power points (and never where we first expect) once all the furniture is in. While it seems like a minor detail, many people looking to purchase a home will always remember if they spot a power point in an unexpected but objectively useful place – we can’t help but pleasantly take note. We love being able to help homeowners plan out details like this, adding value to their homes by knowing where to get the most out of their points. We have plenty of experience installing them once the house has been built and lived in, to back us up.

You can also take this a step further and look at installing USB outlets to add value to your home. How many people now have multiple USB devices that all need to charged? All it takes is a simple change of a kitchen or bedroom power point (GPO) that includes USB ports to decrease bulky transformers. It looks much neater and allows for more appliances to be used within that space without tripping a fuse in the switchboard. You get so much added convenience and functionality, a point of difference, and greater value from your home. And all it takes is a simple change to your existing outlets!

Automation & Integration

Adding a level of automation and/or integration to your home is shockingly simple and cheaper than most expect. It adds an incredible feeling of luxury to your home that can benefit you functionally, as well as on auction day. You don’t have to be Tony Stark to have J.A.R.V.I.S type smart home. We use PIXIE smart home solutions to achieve this because they are a cost-effective yet quality manufacturer of smart home technology and give a great end result. With a few well-chosen devices to suit your needs, you can completely change the function and feel of your home.

It is usually best to consult electricians that have plenty of experience in home automation and really know the products that they use, to get the best results. At QCE, we love being at the forefront of new technologies, so we have been in the automation and integration game for a long time. Meaning we can easily see how to get the best out of your home, increasing its value cost-wise and functionally, using smart home tech solutions that fit within your budget. We can work with you to get the most bang for your buck with automation and integration.

A free no obligation site inspection with our experienced electricians is a way to quickly pick up on some tips relevant to the electrical installation plan for your home. Contact us now to arrange a time for one of our experts to come to you and discuss how an electrical installation plan can add value to your home.