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Mains Upgrade


QCE is here to simplify the process for your mains upgrade, crafting an electrical solution that meets all your requirements. Contact our team today for tailored advice on enhancing the capacity and safety of your mains system.

Unveiling the Upgrade Process & Diverse Configurations in Mains

When considering mains upgrades, expert advice is crucial. There are two primary reasons to contemplate an electrical mains upgrade in your existing home. Firstly, upgrading becomes imperative if you have an old system deemed unsafe. Alternatively, you may need increased total capacity to accommodate more equipment or appliances.

Upgrading your electrical mains involves significant electrical work and careful quoting. As a consumer, you are responsible for your mains system from the grid supply connection point to your switchboard and beyond. The details of your mains upgrade hinge on your existing system and desired level of improvement.

Explore the best mains upgrade options with QCE. Let us guide you through the process and help you transition to an upgraded electrical installation.

Maximising Mains Capacity With QCE Master Electricians

Mains systems come in one phase, two phases, and three phases. It is typically the most economical to go with the maximum capacity already available from the grid at the front of your property. The difference lies in the phases: the more phases you have, the greater your capacity. For example, if you have a single-phase 40 Amps system, your total capacity is 40 Amps, but with a three-phase 40 Amps system, your total capacity soars to 120 Amps.

Why might you need more capacity?

Electrical Mains Upgrades By Local Electricians
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Why You Should Upgrade Your Mains?

With the way the world is progressing, homes are becoming increasingly reliant on electricity. To ensure you have the necessary capacity, upgrading your mains system is crucial. By enhancing your mains, you set the stage for a future where electrical limitations are not a concern.

Future-proof your home’s electrical system by upgrading your electrical mains with QCE. Stay ahead of the curve and guarantee a reliable capacity of energy supply for your property. Contact us now to begin the process of upgrading your mains and securing your electrical future.

Navigating the Upgrading Process with Powercor or Other Electricity Provider

For any supply exceeding one phase, 40 Amps, an application must be submitted through what Powercor Calls My Supply portal. This process incurs an application fee of $520 plus GST per application. Once your application is received, you will be provided with an offer for an upgraded supply based on what’s available in your street.

If the requested supply is unavailable, a quote for the required work, which can range from $5,000 to $10,000, will be included. This may involve installing a new pit at the boundary of your property. Should you be satisfied with the offer from Powercor, you can accept it and proceed with the necessary works. Mains upgrade on your property will be additional to the above mentioned Powercor cost.

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Relying Less on Gas in Your Home?

There’s a growing trend among homeowners to shift away from gas and adopt electric appliances. This change is driven in part by the Victorian government’s decision to phase out new gas connections for new dwellings, apartment buildings, and residential subdivisions requiring planning permits from January 1, 2024. Combined with the rising cost of gas, many are opting for more energy-efficient solutions.
However, it’s important to be aware that transitioning to electric appliances increases the demand on the power grid. This may necessitate an upgrade to your main electrical system to accommodate the increased load.


Already Have Solar in Your Home?

If you have a self-sustaining solar system, you’re likely paying little to nothing on your electricity bills. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to switch all your appliances to electric, allowing you to completely offset your running costs and maximise your savings.


Understanding Mains Upgrade Work

Each mains upgrade project is unique, with specific requirements varying from property to property. At a minimum, the process typically involves work on the switchboard and often necessitates an upgrade of the mains cable.

Streamline your electrical mains upgrade process today with the expert assistance of QCE local electricians. Contact us to discuss your requirements and benefit from a seamless transition to an enhanced electrical system.


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